X3-Scripts und Gartenkeramik made in Germany!
by Gazz

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Align ship with ecliptic
Ammo/Missile Watcher
Attack All Enemies upgrade
Buy Race Ships in Shipyards
Cargo Shield Array
Commercial Agent Trainer
Complex Cleaner / Megafactories (current version)
Complex Cleaner (old v1.08)
Condense Asteroids / Asteroiden Verdichten
Detect objects in a cone
Fix manual jumping
Flare! / Leuchtfackel!
HUD Mod with missile info!
Homebase Memory + Gate Traffic Controller v2
Noselessness + M6 Mod
MARS Fire Control
Numeric Race Ranks
NICE Interface Enhancement
Out-of-combat Regen
Priority Targets - Prioritätsziele
Rename Ships with Expressions (Klyith)
Racial Lasers Mod
Ring of Fire - Stealth Lasertowers
SatelliteDeploy (Bhruic) v2.0
Shut up, Betty.
Software Scrambler Purchasing
Super Tractor
Turret On/Off Hotkey
TRACKER Minefields and SQUASH Catapult
Trading Station Deluxe
LIB: Find Voice ID
LIB: Get Average Sector Size
LIB: Get Bullet Speeds
LIB: Get Object Size
LIB: Get surrounding sectors
LIB: Library for Border - Core Sector - Security Level
LIB: Hotkeys with double click / multiple functions
LIB: Get Ware Notoriety

MOD: Racial Lasers (English / Deutsch)
Download: SPK
All races now use and produce their own versions of the standard lasers now.
True capital ships can use heavier lasers.
Alle Rassen verwenden und produzieren jetzt eigene Versionen der Standardlaser.
Großschiffe können schwere Versionen aller herkömmlichen Laser verwenden.
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SCR Reunion: MARS Fire Control (English / Deutsch)
MARS Feuerleitcomputer
Download: ZIP
Improved turret script that actually hits it's targets and prioritizes them by how easy they are to hit.
Komplett neues Feuerleitsystem für die Geschützkanzeln von Dickschiffen.
English Thread Deutsches Topic

SCR: NICE Interface Enhancement Download: ZIP + SPK
Save and recall targets. Get full command access to docked and OOS ships... from your cockpit!
Ziele speichern und wieder zurückholen. Voller Befehlszugriff auf angedockte oder OOS Schiffe!
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SCR: Ammo/Missile Watcher Download: ZIP
Notifies you before you're running low on consumables.
Meldet sich bevor Munition oder Treibstoff ausgehen.
English Thread Deutsches Topic

SCR: Flare! / Leuchtfackel! Download: ZIP
Drops a flare behind your ship so you don't have to fly blind.
Wirft hinter dem Schiff eine Leuchtackel aus so dass man nicht mehr blind fliegen muss.
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SCR: Turret On/Off Hotkey Download: ZIP + SPK
A simple on/off switch for all turrets on your ship or the ship you have targeted.
Ein einfacher Ein-/Ausschalter für alle turrets auf dem eigenen Schiff oder dem aktuellen Ziel.
English Thread Deutsches Topic

MOD: Complex Cleaner / Module Complexes (new) (English / Deutsch)Download: ZIP + SPK
Easy automatic positioning of factories and hubs.
Can transform any batch of factories into huge, upgradable Module Complexes.
Vereinfachte Ausrichtung von Fabriken und Komplex-Kontrollzentren.
Kann beliebige Mengen und Arten von Fabriken in riesige aufrüstbare Modulkomplexe kombinieren.
English Thread Deutsches Topic

Script: Complex Cleaner (old v1.08) (English / Deutsch)Download: ZIP SPK
Eliminates careful manual placement of factories and moves them away from the hub to lower the possibility of freighter collisions.
English Thread Deutsches Topic

Mod: Noselessness + M6 stats Download: ZIP
Outfits M6 with a little better shields, more turrets and/or more lasers per turret. The additional lasers are often restricted to smaller calibers.
They are still NO super ships. Get the Hyperion if you want a cheat ship. =)
English Thread

Script: Condense Asteroids (D/E)
Asteroiden Verdichten
Download: ZIP
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: BIER RADAR (D/E)Download: ZIP SPK
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Shut up, Betty. (all)
Halt die Klappe, Betty.
Download: ZIP
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Align ship with ecliptic (all)
Schiff auf Ekliptik ausrichten
Download: ZIP SPK
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Out-of-combat Regen (all)Download: ZIP
OOC Regen. Ships docked at carriers or stations recharge their shields faster.
Schiffe, die an Trägern oder Stationen angedockt sind, laden ihre Schilde schneller auf.
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Save early, save often! / Speicher mich! (all)Download: ZIP
Regular reminders to save the game.
Speichern nicht vergessen. =)
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Fix manual jumping (all)Download: ZIP
Now followers DO jump with you if you used the hotkey to start the jumpdrive!
Eskorten springen nun auch wenn man den "J" Hotkey benutzt.
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Priority Targets - Prioritätsziele (D/E)Download: ZIP
Intelligent target selection
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Super Tractor (D/E)Download: SPK ZIP
A rock solid tractor beam...
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: HUD Mod with missile info! (English)Download: ZIP
Missile specs visible right on the HUD. A Hammerhead will NOT look like a Mosquito any more. =)
Useless weapon pictures replaced with their acronyms,
some junk removed from the HUD, classic radar put in. =)

Works with any language but uses the english acronyms for lasers.
English Thread

Script: HUD Mod mit Raketeninfo! (Deutsch)Download: ZIP
Raketendaten direkt im Cockpit sichtbar und eine Hammerhead wird NICHT mehr genau wie eine Mosquito aussehen. =)
Nichtssagende Laserbildchen durch farbkodieren Text ersetzt.
Neuer sehr sehr alter Radar.=)
Deutsches Topic

Script: HUD Mod - XTM patch (All languages)Download: ZIP
For XTM you will need the above mod plus this patch.
English Thread

Script: Attack All Enemies upgrade (English / Deutsch)Download: SPK
Upgrades 3 old Egosoft combat scripts.
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Script: Cargo Shield Array (English / Deutsch)Download: ZIP SPK
Additional shield units in your cargo bay can be connected and will add to your total shield power - at a price.
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Library: Get Average Sector Size (all)
Download: ZIP
Returns the average distance between sector center and a gate in the whole universe.

Library: Get Bullet Speeds (all)
Download: ZIP
Returns used lasers + their bullet speed as a 2D Array.
English Thread

Library: Get FPS (all)
Download: ZIP
Returns FPS as integer. If FPS suddenly drop to 1/10, the player is assumed on SETA.
Deutsches Topic English Thread

Script: Buy Race Ships in Shipyards (any Language)Download: ZIP
Descr: Some ships like the Iguana Vanguard are missing from all shipyards of their race in v1.3.
I fix. Run this script once and save the game. That is all.
English Thread

Script: TRACKER Minefields and SQUASH Catapult (English / Deutsch)
Script: TRACKER Minenfelder und SQUASH Katapult
Download: ZIP SPK
SQUASH mines are stupid and ineffective. These TRACKER mines are actually useful and neatly organized into minefields.
The SQUASH Catapult is a defensive system for ships. A kind of Flak - except that THESE flak grenades have a 1500m blast radius. They DO hit fast fighters.
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Script: Trading Station Deluxe (English / Deutsch)
Script: Handelsstation Deluxe
Download: ZIP SPK
Create a trading station with far superior storage (and thus sales) potential or limit it to only buying or selling.
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Script: Commercial Agent Trainer (English / Deutsch)
Script: Handelsvertreter Motivationsschulung
Download: ZIP SPK
Greatly increases your CAG's motivation for higher learning.
English ThreadDeutsches Topic

Script: Software Scrambler Purchasing (any Language)
Download: ZIP
Software Signature Scrambler can be bought normally in every pirate station.
English Thread

Script: Homebase Memory + Gate Traffic Controller v2 (English / Deutsch)
Script: Homebase Speichern
Download: ZIP SPK
Your ships remember their homebase even if you entered the ship, improved jumping and detection of "Unknown Objects" being launched at you.
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Script: Homebase Memory v1 (English / Deutsch)
Script: Homebase Speichern
Download: ZIP
Older version.
English ThreadDeutsches Topic

Script: Ring of Fire - Stealth Lasertowers (English / Deutsch)
Script: Tarn-Geschütztürme - Laserzaun
Download: ZIP SPK
Deploy pretty rings of lasertowers that hide themselves from (your) view while they are not needed.
English ThreadDeutsches Topic

Script: Numeric Race Ranks (English / Deutsch)
Script: Numerische Völkerränge
Download: ZIP SPK
Add a number to the race rank title so you can see which rank you are without learning the whole list for each race.
English ThreadDeutsches Topic

Script: Bhruic's SatelliteDeploy v2.0 (English / Deutsch)Download: ZIP SPK
I expanded Bhruic great script to allow automatic placement of even more satellites if 8 would not be enough to see everything important in a sector.
English ThreadDeutsches Topic

Script: LIB: Library for Border - Core Sector - Security Level Download: ZIP
Library to find out if a certain sector is a border or core sector.
English Thread

Script: LIB: Get Object Size Download: ZIP
Library to return the object size of
- any in sector object
- any OOS ship or station
- any ship or station waretype code (the ship "ware" in a shipyard)
English Thread

Script: LIB: Hotkeys with double click / multiple functions Download: ZIP
Library to manage multi purpose hotkeys.
English Thread

Script: LIB: Get Ware Notoriety Download: ZIP
Returns the notoriety required to buy a ware or simply if ship X is allowed to buy it from race Y or station Y.
English Thread

Script: LIB: Find Voice ID Download: ZIP
Library to find a sector, object type, or ware speech ID.
English Thread

Script: LIB: Get surrounding sectors Download: ZIP
Library to get a list of sectors within X jumps of the sector argument.
English Thread

Script: Klyith's Rename Ships with Expressions (English)Download: ZIP
I was asked for this because all his DL links were dead so here it is in all it's glory!
This is not the original but my version, expanded and haxxored for one-button operation.
English Thread

Just some links I may need sometime...
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OOS Combat Resolution
Why Xenon ships have cockpits and eject astronauts.
Ware Price Modding
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[INFO] Objekte in einem Konus erfassen
[INFO] Detect objects in a cone
Deleting rogue Hotkeys
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Array of arrays
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